Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Home on the Range

Along with car shopping last weekend, we also went shopping for a stove/oven. We went to Home Depot with our gift cards and Christmas cash, thinking we knew the exact one to buy. Turns out that we should have invested much more research into a stove/oven as we did the car.

Us: "Hi, We're here to buy this stove"

HD Woman: "Ok, well why don't you tell me why you picked this particular one."

Us: "Well, this is the same line of the rest of appliances we (slowly but surely) have purchased for the kitchen and I want a gas range."

HD: "Ok, well do you have the gas line and valve hookup".

Us: "We have a pipe coming out of the ground with a cap on it."

HD: "You will need to install a valve and a hose for the range. Our guys will not do that".

{Transfers us to HD Man in Plumbing, who is great and tells us what is needed in stepwise instructions.}

Back to the stove:

HD Woman: "So, I know you want a gas range but gas is terrible for baking. Have you considered the glass top electric?"

Us (or rather, me): "No. We currently have the glass top electric and I hate it. Are there stoves with gas ranges and electric ovens"?

HD Woman: Yes but they are millions of dollars and do not come in the faux stainless stuff you picked out.

ARGH! So now what? The range with faux stainless steel comes in 3 models, the most expensive of which you can get the gas range and something called a Tru Temp oven which helps to regulate the temperature that gas apparently is so bad for in an oven. Most people I have surveyed have said to definitely go with the gas range and that it doesn't make that much difference for the oven.

Anyone who cares to weigh in on this subject, please comment!

Unfortunately we do not have a large enough kitchen to have the countertop range and separate oven (which CLEARLY this is why people have these, other than the fact that they look cool). And we need to go with one of these three options:

All gas, All electric or the gas range with the true temp oven. I am heavily favoring #3.

Also, I am thinking that we definitely want the self cleaning oven...true?

Needless to say, we left Home Depot without making a purchase. And now, it will likely be a few months until we make this purchase because of the big car deal.


Nemmie said...

Hi Amy! We have all gas - not out choice, the house came with a Brand! New! Oven! so we kinda don't see the rationale in replacing right away... I love love love my gas stovetop. Best thing ever. Given that, I hate hate hate my gas oven. Heat varies a lot, but what can a girl do...

I still get by fine, just have to keep an eye on things when they're in the oven. Putting a thermometer in the oven portion helps a lot, as did adding a large baking stone that permanently sits on the bottom rack (kinda helps even the heat).

Hope that helps. Good luck in your search!

caroldes7 said...

Eh... I think gas is FINE for baking! Even our old (VERY, VERY OLD) gas oven baked just fine! Certainly better than my mom's old electric oven. Though I know your 2009 plans include some fancy French cuisine, so I don't know if it would make a difference there.

Anyway, we went with a convection oven. It is not a "true convection" which comes with a third heating element, but it has a fan which helps to regulate the temp throughout the oven. We absolutely love it! But, honestly, I would not have minded if it didn't have the fan.

Mb probably does more baking than I do and I think they have a new, but standard gas range. She said she was happy with hers!

Holly said...

We have a gas oven and I've never had a single problem. This is the second one we've had (in two different houses) and I do a fair amount of baking. I think you just get used to cooking with whatever you have - but just my opinion.

chacha said...

In our previous house which I miss dearly as it was a former model, we had the gas range built into the counter and a double electric oven.

The ovens were great - but they were also Kitchen Aid, expensive models. So, it's hard to compare an expensive electric oven to a the mid-price gas oven/ranges we've had.

Unless you are a professional baker, I can't see how you'll notice the "badness" of a gas oven. Has been fine for me my whole life save those 3 years we spent in the model house.

Self-cleaning. I've had it in past ovens and never used it. Seems like cleaning an oven can be a pain in the butt, but it's not something you do very often. So, I would weigh that point with how much extra that feature costs.

BCK said...

All my apartments have been old buildings with old or very low end gas stoves, and one of the things I worry most about when thinking about upgrading into a modern apartment is that is will come with one of those ghastly glass top electric stoves (unless it is a single induction burner that boils water in 90 seconds ala Chef Michael Feker, but that is a whole different story). I have been fine with the gas oven for baking. As was mentioned previously, the important thing is to keep a thermometer in there so you can regulate the temp.

Old MD Girl said...

I really prefer gas. I don't bake though, so I don't know what it would be like with a gas oven. Electric ovens also make broiling meat somewhat problematic.

How annoying though.

Silky Jess said...

We have the oven that you are looking at, but without any fancy schmancy temp regulator. I bake plenty and have never had a problem using gas ovens. In fact, I don't know anyone who prefers electric over gas.