Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dwight Schrute Approved

I think I made my husband the happiest man in the world last night - I cleaned and organized the mess we called the office!

So the office has a bed in it, which has been used twice. (When my goddaughter, Liz, comes to visit, she loves this bed). It ends up being a storage place for lots of things - cards, fabric, pictures, mail, you name it.

I actually didn't throw a lot of stuff away - rather organized it using the tubs we bought at Target last weekend.

The labelmaker my fairy godmother bought me years ago also came in handy when it came to the sewing/craft side of the closet:

And our room is back to its lovely self:

If you do not have one of those labelmakers, GET ONE. I use mine all of the time!!

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