Friday, January 30, 2009

Diet Recap: Week 2- Willpower

Another week on my no extraneous spending diet and my "this is easy" enthusiasm from last week is waning. Mainly because I was put to the test A LOT.

The hubs has been looking to replace his black loafers so he came home Wednesday night to say, "Can we go to DSW tonight. I have a hole in my shoe". I gave him a look. Taking me to DSW is like giving meth to an addict. I tried bailing and putting it off, but i finally agreed and off we went.

While he was looking at men's shoes, I headed straight into the devil's lair: THE CLEARANCE SECTION. I tried some shoes on. I went to look at the purses. Nate pointed out an especially cute carry-on (what he calls my lug of a purse). But ladies and any random gentlemen that might be reading: We left without buying one thing.

Then he wanted to check out TJ Maxx and Marshalls. We went to both, he found shoes and a belt and I found a very cute pair of shoes on clearance for $15. I had the shoes on. Hubs even said, "Honey, they're $15. Just get them." BUT...again, I walked out of the store making no purchases!

Then came Target. Luckily, the Target closest to us is closing next week for remodeling and the shelves were empty. It was here that I broke down and purchased the new Bruce Springsteen album for $9.98. I might argue that this isn't extraneous, that Bruce is more of an essential, but we all know that this would me a major rationalization.

We went home after Target. Phew.

The next day, KG came into my office to announce that the Banana Republic outlet was having a fabulous sale and she showed of some uber cute cords she got for $4!! Now if pants are $4, does that count as extraneous??! Luckily, the outlet is a good 30-45 minutes away from our house. BUT...I would be lying if I stopped the story here. Yesterday I needed to travel for that put me driving by an outlet mall. "Hmm...I wonder if they have a Banana Republic outlet?" I wondered as I drove past. On the way home, I pulled into the outlet mall. No Banana Republic. I can't say that I wouldn't have bought anything if there HAD been one, but I was glad there wasn't!

PHEW. So in total, my extraneous spending since Jan 1 is $9.98. (I don't count my plane ticket to the ATL as extraneous). Not bad! Hubs even congratulated me on my January credit card bill!
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BCK said...

Bruce is not extraneous spending for you. He is a third family member.

Missy said...

You crack me up. The devil's lair. I love it. I couldn't totally relate to the situation with DSW until you said Marshall's and TJ Maxx! Then TARGET???!!! Oh my! That's absolutely cruel to do someone not trying to spend money. I can't even go there many cute, cheap housewares, so little moo-lah!

Joslyn said...

yes...for me i just have to stay out of stores's getting hard, isn't it.