Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The color makeover

Well, if you didn't think I was neurotic before, this might seal the deal.

For a while now, I have been admiring pictures on other blogs that arranged the books on their bookshelves by color. Apartment Therapy had several posts on the subject and Casa Sugar featured this lovely shelf:
. Heck, even Oprah does this with her library.

Here is what our shelves did look like, before I did the color makeover:

And post color makeover:

The bottom two shelves of the middle unit were left alone as those are our cookbooks and reference books. Although the majority were white or black, I was surprised at how many colors we actually have!

The red shelf:

The yellow/orange shelf:

Surprisingly, I didn't have any random leftovers, with the exception of White Teeth, which I tried to get rid of already!

I would definitely pass this along as one of the easiest makeovers that I have tackled.


Amy Badler said...

I never would have thought of doing this, but it looks great! As a neurotic organizer myself ours are arranged by genre and at one point were arranged then alphabetically, but since Alison has come to town I have had to let some of my neurotic tendencies go.

Kristina said...

It looks great! Is it easy to find books? Do you happen to remember that the Alice Walker book you want is read?

Kristina said...

Oops, typo, I meant red not read. :-)