Thursday, January 29, 2009

Closet Love

We have talked about someday remodeling our closets to have lots of organizational fun like California Closets. I think episodes of Newlyweds first sold me on the idea of the ultra closet. (Yes, I am admitting I did watch the show.)

I also love the idea of taking pictures of your shoes and putting them in a rubbermaid, featured in the photo below from Unpretentious Style:

And then there was Nicole's closet, that also is well organized and beautiful:

Ahhh. Sigh.

JG sent me this hilarious link to a Heinekin commercial relating to walk in closets. Hilarious.

Photo Sources: Google Images, Flickr, Unpretentious Style, and Making It Lovely


yui said...

I regularly visit your blog.
Keep on challenging!

chacha said...

I had wanted a nicer closet, too, but when it fell apart during the height of kitchen remodel costs, we went only slightly better than cheapest possible option with IKEA Antonius. It's holding up OK. The other IKEA stuff (PAX), though, it pretty nice. Probably be cheaper than getting one of those closet people do to it (though they do a great job, I have heard)

Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

Ha - sent that commercial to my husband as well - too funny!

I too watched Newlywed's and miss it!

Keep us posted on the closet re-org!!