Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bathroom Remodel

Yes, I know we technically haven't finished our kitchen remodel. But I'm going to lay the groundwork for our ideas surrounding our upstairs bathroom remodel.

Using my fine architectural drafting skills that I used in the past to do floor plans for our house, I created this image of our current situation.

You can see "real" images of this bathroom here.

Upon moving in, all we did is paint and remove this awful curtain:

Functionally, the bathroom may look like a full bath, but as you can see in the above picture, the shower is not tiled or anything that would render it waterproof - it is just drywalled. And there is a window in the shower surrounded by untreated wood. Thus, we use the toilet in this bathroom and it serves as the hair and makeup area for me in the morning. We go downstairs to shower.

What we would like to do is take down the wall between the bathroom and the guest bedroom closet and enlarge this bathroom. Again, using those design skills, I made this image:

"But what about the guest room closet?"

The guest room closet is very large, indeed. Larger than any guest would ever need, and also larger than any child would ever need as well (which is who the room will eventually serve). There is an alcove area of the guest room that currently has a dresser in it that would be turned into a nice-sized closet if the above comes to fruition.

So those are our bathroom related thoughts. Now, we probably should finish up that kitchen!!


Missy said...

very nice and spa-like. okay, love the drywalled shower. that's classic. pocket doors rock. good choice.

BCK said...

that master closet looks awfully small...i hope this isn't to scale! you will need it after giving up the guest closet (even with your purging). :)