Friday, December 26, 2008

Kitchen Update

The Christmas celebration is only half over for us - we have more celebrations with my family tomorrow night and Sunday. However, thus far it has been a huge success. One of the highlights is that both my dad and my in-laws gave us gift cards/money towards our new stove/oven, which you can see is #10 on our looming Kitchen To-Do list.

The GE Clean Steel will match our other appliances that we have slowly bought over our tenure as homeowners.

  1. Sand cabinents, wood putty any existing holes

  2. Prime cabinets

  3. Paint cabinets

  4. Change cabinet hardware

  5. Change countertops

  6. Install sink and garbage disposal

  7. Install subway tile backsplash

  8. New flooring in foyer, kitchen, dining room

  9. Remove upper cabinets that divide kitchen & dining area

  10. New range/oven (our last appliance to buy!)

  11. New pantry doors

  12. New light fixtures

  13. Install roman shade in window

Although the list has not been mentioned since 10/31 on this blog, we have been doing some behind the scenes work on it. We have our white subway tiles picked out from Lowe's so now we just have to book a Saturday or Sunday to get the backsplash done. I am attempting to make the roman shade for the window out of leftover curtain fabric from our living room. We'll see how that goes!

The pantry doors have been a bit of a let down. We wanted to get the bi-fold white doors to replace the doors we currently have. However, they do not make the doors to fit the size we need and special ordering is too expensive. With an upcoming bathroom remodel on our minds, we are being mindful of what special order options are really worth it or not. I think our Plan B for the pantry doors will be to paint them and update the hardware. We have a lot of paint leftover from the cabinets so Plan B would only cost us the hardware.

Until then, back to celebrating the holidays!

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