Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Recap: LOW TRAC

Among all of our big house plans, we also have new car(s) on the brain. Nate is driving the car he got his junior year of college and I am driving my parent's old sedan that was sold to me at too good of a price - my fresh out of graduate school self could not turn it down. We would likely get rid of Nate's car first given that his is older and has more miles on it, but recent events have made me want to ditch my car as well.

The main strike my car has against it is that it handles poorly in snow. Given that we live in a state where "snow" is likely 6 months out of the year, this is a pretty big strike. One feature my car has is the LOW TRAC light, which comes on when, you guesed it, traction is poor. Like the driver doesn't know he/she has no traction!? Most of the time we just make fun of the light in a heavily sarcastic way. However, two instances in the past month have incited anger in us when the LOW TRAC appeared.

Instance #1: Nate was trying to back out of my mom's long narrow driveway and he backed into her house! The corner piece of the house (sorry I don't know what it is called) was a little bent and there is some blue paint on our bumper, but nothing serious. It was mainly really funny that he did it.

Instance #2: Occurred this morning as I was trying to back out of our driveway. I have posted before on how our driveway is not conducive to the winter - it is on an incline and the pavement is so rutted that it easily ices over. If we get a good snow, my car instantly goes into Low Trac mode and will not make it up the driveway into the garage and thus has to be parked on the street while the driveway is shoveled out. Until today, I have had no problems going DOWN the driveway though. Today the car went into Low Trac mode midway down the driveway. I literally was stuck in our driveway as it wasn't moving in either direction. To make matters worse, today is garbage day so our garbage bins are on either side of the driveway and so are the glacierous snow banks. I was so close to one of the banks that I couldn't get out of the car to move the garbage bin so I was going to have to hit it. (At this point I was just hoping none of our neighbors were around!)

So that is what I did - I hit the garbage bin and it proceeded to skid across the side of my car and move an already loose side mirror! Oh well. At least I made it to work on time, and my side mirror is still hanging by a thread.


Old MD Girl said...

Get a subaru. All wheel drive, baby! Honestly, with the economy as it is now, you couldn't pick a better time to buy a new car.

chacha said...

Sounds like you have used your cars up. Our cars have 120K and 104K miles on them, but we live in an easy climate and I'm hoping I can squeeze around 80K out of them.

It wouldn't be the worst thing to buy a car right now - the deals on new ones are excellent. Every time I see a 0% financing deal commercial I get the itch for a new one. I even saw that BMW was giving 0.9% which is unheard of for them.