Sunday, November 2, 2008

Will Run For Chocolate

A few months ago, a co-worker asked me if I wanted to do the 1st annual Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago with her and her BF. I said "Sure!" "Fun!" and we signed up to be in the first 2000 to get a fleece jacket instead of the t-shirt.

Last night when I had to set my alarm for 4:30 AM, I wasn't thinking "Sure!" "Fun!". And when it started sprinkling on our drive down to Chicago this morning, I also wasn't thinking, "Sure!" "Fun!". However, the drizzling stopped once we arrived at Montrose Harbor and it turned out to be one BEAUTIFUL day to do a 15k.

I still consider myself recovering from the marathon so wasn't really sure how I was going to feel, coupled with the fact that I have only run a few 4 and 5 milers since then. We started in the way back and right before I was about to cross the start line, I noticed that I did not secure my chip to my shoe and it went flying off! So i had to backtrack into an oncoming herd of runners, grab my chip, and then touch it to the mat to make sure it started. Not the best way to start a race, no matter how easy you plan on taking it!

Despite doing a bunch of races in Chicago and running along the lake frequently when I lived there, I was surprised with a new course which was fun. I felt really good the whole time and did my mileage pretty consistently, although looking back I maybe could have pushed myself beyond my comfort zone a bit!

I finished in 1:13, which is about 7:54 miles. Again, when I finished, I had to bend down and touch my chip to the mat to make sure my time counted!

Another great feature of this race was that the post race food consisted of chocolate fountains with graham crackers, marshmallows and bananas for dipping, hot chocolate and lots of Hershey candy, which you can be sure I took full advantage off!

I was happy to have an enjoyable, feel-good run. I really hope that 15Ks become more popular as I loved the distance and I would like to truly race one.

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