Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tshirts for a Cause! BAG 'em UP!

I just got wind of Chicago Head Huggers, an organization that collects old running t-shirts to make caps for chemotherapy patients, is 'desperately seeking shirts' for their bal-dannas.

Why you may ask?

“T-shirts given for races are almost always soft 100% cotton, which is perfect next to a bald head, a common side-effect of chemotherapy," says Pam Haschke, president and founder of Chicagoland Head Huggers. "We know that people who run multiple races in a year often just throw those new race tees into the rag bag. By donating them to Chicagoland Head Huggers, they help make a chemotherapy patient more comfortable."

More info can be found at their website.

If you want to donate shirts, email

Alternatively, if you want to knit or crochet a cap for them, check out their website for where to send donations.

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Chicagoland Head Huggers said...

THANK YOU for mentioning the work we do! We are thrilled by the enthusiasm and the way our idea for converting t-shirts into Bal-Danna (tm) scarves is being embraced. We turn a white shirt into a multi-colored tye-dye or fabric painted original. Colot t-shirts are just sewn into scarves, any color will do. Those who receive the caps, hats and scarves are so grateful! Read our 'testimonials' page if you visit our site! Pam, founder, Chicagoland Head Huggers