Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sometimes We Hate Being Homeowners

Nate & I have joined the YMCA in an effort to work out more. So far, 2 days in, we are loving it. The one thing we have to get used to is eating dinner later since we now go workout when we both get home from work, rather than make dinner. Post workout and dinner last night, I was finishing up the dishes eagerly anticipating my glass on wine and my book.

Then the water did not drain from the sink.

I tried running the garbage disposal, the water went down, and then as soon as I turned it off, a small geyser shot back up through the drain.

Ladies & Gentleman, we have a clog. UGH.

We consulted the manual that came with the garbage disposal as well as my Martha Stewart Housekeeping Manual. Neither of these helped, so we turned to trusty Google and came across this site which was a godsend to us, novice plumbers that we are. The site has easy to understand instructions as well as pictures, complete with nasty dirty water.

The plunger did not work for us, so I went to Lowe's to get a drain snake. That did the trick and we no longer have a clog! We were quite proud of our new certificate of study in plumbing, ha ha ha.

Drain snakes are very useful and quite cheap (read: less than $10) if you only need the household version. Cross that off the list of tools we need!


chacha said...

Good that your cleared out that clog before Turkey Day. That would not have been a fun time to have a clog or be dealing with the clog!

I've always been kind of afraid of the whole "snaking" the drain thing, but it sounds like it wasn't so bad. Last time we had a clog the plunger worked and the clog was the result of putting things in the disposal that really should have been thrown out (cucumber skins - way too fibrous for a household lower power disposal).

Girly Stuff said...

Our clogs are always in the bathroom sinks. And liquid plumber does the trick every time BECAUSE it is always my gigantic hairballs clogging it up. Not hard to dissolve human hair I suppose.

Missy said...

Okay, I love the quote: "in an effort to workout more" from the woman who just completed her 5th (?) marathon! :)