Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sausage Race!

On Halloween, Nate got to wear the costume for the Milwaukee Brewers' Klements Racing Italian Sausage for his work. In my opinion, the sausage race is one of the best part of Brewer games so I was EXTREMELY jealous that he got to do this. I have made it fairly well known that I really want to participate in the race as a sausage sometime in my life!

Here he is (the taller sausage is the Italian):

Only in WI will you find something as weird as this! You can read more about the race and each sausage here.


Nemmie said...

Last winter I had a conference to attend in Milwaukee, and the sausages showed up at the opening social. I absolutely adore those sausages; didn't leave that night until I got pictures with every one of them!

Totally jealous of your husband :)

chacha said...

I know the Sausage Race! We went to a Brewer spring-training game in Phoenix this year (we go to Spring Training almost every year) and I was cracking up with the Sausage race - I believe the Italian Sausage won at the game we were at. I had a new appreciation for the Brewers after that day :o)