Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On the Road: Part 2 of 2

Overall, we took 223 pictures. Don't worry, I won't make you suffer through them all.

Here we are moments before embarking:

Getting to Texas took up about a day and a night. We left at 2:30 Wednesday, stayed in Springfield Missouri, and arrived in Dallas about 2:30-3 Thursday.

I really enjoyed the 6th Floor Museum chronicalling the presidency and assassination of JFK. It was an interesting time to be there, so close post-election. I also loved these cows - a bronze statue downtown with 70 cows and 3 ranchers.

We stayed overnight in Dallas and then left midmorning towards Austin, TX. Austin was a really great place - public outdoor space, a beautiful state capitol and the "live music capitol of the world". We checked out the Austin City Limits studio(although we missed the tour), the LBJ Presidential Library (I am a nerd and love presidential libraries), the state capitol, the Lady Bird Walking/Running Trail, the World's Largest Urban Bat Colony and finished the night off with some blues. In the morning, Nate discovered that one of the waffle irons at the continental breakfast at our hotel was in the shape of the state of Texas. Awesome. We went to the Lady Bird Wilflower Center before heading out of town, which is where the following pics were taken.

From Austin we headed to San Antonio. We stayed in San Antonio two nights and explored the city on foot. It felt good to valet our car and not have to touch it for 48 hours! Here we saw many historical buildings, the market, the Alamo, the Riverwalk and had some great food. The city is covered in historical plaques which Nate is modeling below.

San Antonio was our last stop in Texas before heading to New Orleans. Along the way we finally stopped to eat at a Whataburger, which Nate was very excited about.

It took about 8 1/2 hours to get to New Orleans over bayous and bridges. We stayed in NOLA for 2 nights as well and I really loved the city, although many people we talked to there said it is very different post-Katrina. I had not been there before so can't attest to that. In NOLA we explored 4 districts: The French Quarter, the Garden District, Uptown and Faubourg Marigny. We did a LOT of walking here. Of course we did have 6 beignets a piece, several cafe au laits and I had to get muffalettas twice at Central Grocer!

From New Orleans we headed to Destin, FL. We detoured off the Interstate a bit to drive along the gulf from Gulfport to Biloxi, MS. Once in Destin it was time to relax and unwind. No more hustle & bustle of cities. The beaches were fairly deserted, white sand, sunny, high 70s and green water. We thought it was perfect beach weather and got a little overzealous in the sun and thus had to make a trip to Target for some aloe. We also drove to Seaside, FL to check it out and have lunch.

From Florida, we went to Atlanta to end our trip with friends. The route had us go through some very rural, yet very pretty parts of Alabama. While in Atlanta we had some laid back good times with friends, and got to meet Miles (the baby who tests all of my crafting out).

Sunday morning it was time to go home. We left Atlanta around 9:30 EST, drove through Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois. We pulled into our driveway at 8:57 PM CST, with 3496.4 miles on the car.

Here is our final pic with our completed AAA Trip Tik.


Girly Stuff said...

I'm glad you visited the Texas Hill Country! I used to live in San Antonio and miss it so much.

The Tex-Mex may kill you slowly, but it sure is good going down!

Old MD Girl said...

Your hair is so cute!

Joslyn said...

sounds like an amazing trip! i love road trips...glad you had fun in texas!