Monday, November 24, 2008

Clearly One Should not Take Insulation Advice from Us...and other updates

Well, who says having a blog is useless? Thanks to "Dudeman" who commented on my insulation post, we realized that we insulated incorrectly. Apparently you are not suppossed to put insulation where we put insulation. Maybe that was something we should have looked into BEFORE we crawled into the crawl space, given that we are not insulation experts?! Anyway, being my neurotic self, I googled a bunch of insulation things, called some family and friends that actually know what they are doing and we made the determination that we have to take down the insulation. Thanks Dudeman!

In other news, while I was away having a girls night & day, Nate did some minor improvements that are having major impact. We signed up for that free Lowe's magazine and lo and behold there were coupons in it! We bought a few more of those air diffusers for the heat/AC vents since the ones that came with the house were rust buckets. Some of our rooms we close off during winter and since the rusty ones do not close, we bought a few more replacements. The library one was replaced this weekend:

He also installed the metal curtain holdback things in the living room. The curtains there do not stay open very well and now much more light comes in!

Other than that, we went shopping for a new couch for the living room. We found a few possibilities but have not made a purchase yet.


chacha said...

Dudeman Rocks! I never would have known that either.

Owning and maintaining an older house is definitely a learning experience.

Missy said...

I totally wondered the same thing when I saw his comment! that's so interesting, I never would've guessed!...and you and your coupons absolutely crack me up.