Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blog Love

I think I have finally caught up with my Google Reader post vacation. No, I did not read the 1000+ items. I deleted the majority of them. One thing I did find was that I was given an award and another meme instructing me to post five things I "love".

Hmm..this is tough b/c I overuse the word "love" with everything. Aside from the obvious (i love my family and friends), here are some things I am loving right now:
1) My LIGHT UP hand held solitaire game that Nate bought me for road trip enjoyment. Yes, this is very dorky of me, but if I haven't established the fact that I am a nerd by now, you haven't been reading very closely!

2)My humidifier. I am over the dry WI air already and we haven't made it to Dec 1 yet.

3)Law & Order reruns, particularly if there is a marathon. I have always liked this show but lately I have been a little obsessed with it and it's pattern of monotony. Yes, you can predict what is going to happen, but that is part of the fun. Along with that I have been really into Ace of Cakes, per usual.

4) The smell of this fragrance. I tried in it New Orleans and love it, although it is widely available, even here in little ol' MKE.

5) My mom's chicken soup with dumplings, which I made on my own for the first time. Still the best thing ever!


yuki said...

I'm looking foward to the next update!

caroldes7 said...

too posts mentioning this soup now... can you share the recipe???? :)

caroldes7 said...

duh, i meant TWO!

Anonymous said...


SVU of coarse!

liv and elliot all the way