Friday, November 21, 2008

Baby It's Cold Outside

Brrr! It is getting colder and colder by the day here, thus, we turn our home improvement efforts towards blocking cold air from coming in.

The first project had to do with our front door, which let cold air in through the bottom. I had rolled up a rug and stuffed it against the door but it wasn't really helping much. Nate examined it and realized that the weather stripping was completely worn off so he replaced it. No more rolled rug and no more cold air!


The next item on the list was the cold upstairs. Last year, for whatever reason, we had never even bothered to check out the crawl spaces that have doors in each of the bedroom closets upstairs. Well then I was swapping my winter and summer clothes as Nate incredulously looked on. I don't think he ever realized that i kept several Rubbermaid tubs of "off season" clothes in the closet downstairs. He suggested that I use the crawl space for storage of the tubs rather than the closet space downstairs since we are having a little closet clutter problem down there.

We opened the crawl space and discovered that half of the wall was not insulated! No wonder it is cold upstairs! Nate went and bought 2 rolls of insulation and got to work.
Here he is donning safety attire to work with the insulation. The pants are really from the CDC when our friend AH used to work there! I don't think there was any Ebola virus in our crawl space though!

Here is the roll of insulation in the space as well as the wall pre-insulation:

Here he is hard at work:

Overall this was an easy project (easy for me to say since all I did was take pictures!). We measured the space to insulate, as well as the depth of the spaces, and took them to Fleet Farm where they helped us pick out the right kind. BONUS: The insulation was ON SALE! Then Nate measured the length of each space, measured out the same amount of insulation, cut it and stapled the paper to the boards. EZ. The whole thing took him an hour start to finish.

I'm sure the placebo effect was kicking in big time, but we both thought it was warmer in our bedroom last night! We'll see if there is any difference in our heating bill.

Next up: The guest room crawl space!


chacha said...

R-13 is cheap! I didn't realize it until I had to buy two rolls to replace some really messed up insulation after the demo. I think I paid less than $10 a roll or something close to that. And now they have that nice little brown paper wrapping that makes it clean and easy to install.

Holly said...

That's what Wade's been doing this week too! I can't wit till he gets the insulation under the floor in my office - my feet freeze all day long!

Dudeman said...

Dudes! Don't insulate the trusses by the roofboards. You're going to end up melting your shingles.