Friday, October 3, 2008

The Taper

My taper is coming to a close as the starting gun will go off in less than 48 hours. I am excited to go to the race expo tomorrow to get my shirt & bib and hopefully some free samples! A great explanation that explains how one feels during the taper stage is here. Especially the psyche yourself out part. I think I could gold medal in that sport at the Olympics.

Fortunately i have my band of cheerleaders that I have lured there with the promise of a beer at the finish line.

Here is a photo montage of my previous marathons:

#4: Caitlin (cousin-in-law) & I at the post-finish @ the Disney Marathon Jan 2008

#3: My aunt Jackie helping me put warm clothes on post finish @ the Boston Marathon April 2007

#2: 200m away from finishing the Chicago Marathon October 2006 (I'm the little speck in the white top & black shorts with my arms up)

#1: No picture of my first marathon. That's kind of sad. Madison May 2002. Yes. It was that awful that it took me 4 years to muster up the gumption to want to try it again. :)


Old MD Girl said...

I love how your aunt is wearing a down jacket and hat in your Boston marathon pic.

Good luck tomorrow!

chacha said...

Good luck tomorrow! I've done a couple marathons myself, back in 2003. I kind of miss it reading about your training and tapers. Maybe I'll get back on the bandwagon for at least a half next year.

I will put good thoughts out to the universe that you won't hit the proverbial "wall" :o)