Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pteradactyl Free Running Pics

This week i started running again. I feel pretty good, although my legs are noticeably still tired. I'm running the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago next weekend, which I don't anticipate setting any records at, but will be fun.

I got the "official" marathon photos, and I have to say, this one may be the best running picture of me ever taken. I don't look anything like the pteradactyl I usually resemble! (probably b/c it was from the FIRST HALF of the race) Also notice my sweet technical pink top, a $2.34 bargain found at Target the week before the race that left zero chaffing and received tons of compliments from spectators!

Here is another one, that captures the SECOND HALF. Check out the look of pain on my face. Still not quite the worst picture ever taken, but the form is noticeably worse!

And finally, the Finish!

Nate & I were discussing potentially doing a triathalon next spring/summer. We shall see!


Chris & Erica said...

The Pleasant Prairie Tri is a good one.

Missy said...

Definitely do a triathlon - you'll be hooked!