Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My husband, The Plumber-to-Be

While I was soaking in my epsom salt/lavendar oil bath last night, Nate got right to work priming the quarter-rounds in the kitchen and touching up the spots in the living room where our curtain rod used to be (approximately 7 inches lower than they currently are). He also started reading up on plumbing.

The date for our countertop installation is now set for October 16! At that time, we also will be getting our new sink installed and a garbage disposal. The countertop measurer/install guy, Rob, mentioned that we should get have a plumber come that afternoon to hook everything up once the counters are installed. Nate is going to take a stab at doing this himself. I think he has about a 87.6% chance of success at this. He has surprised me with the level of handiness he has brought to the house. I am much more willing to defer to "experts". I guess we will find out in about 10 days!

In addition to surprising me with all of his DIY efforts, Nate is taking the Wii Fit very seriously. I was too, until it was leaving me so sore that it was affecting my running. So I took a break with the resolution that I would get back to it post-marathon. I'm giving myself a few more days...

Incidentally, there was an article published in Milwaukee Magazine on the Fitness of Wii Fit. Read it here.

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