Monday, October 20, 2008


I just got a phone call from our countertop guy.

It is never good news when he calls me - as he runs everything by me BEFORE he calls Nate, which I'm not sure exactly why, because I just hang up the phone and immediately dial Nate, but whatever.

It turns out that our countertops are BACKORDERED AGAIN. Originally, they were suppossed to be installed on 10/16/08. They were backordered and then were going to installed this Thursday, 10/23/08. Now they are backordered a second time to NEXT Thursday, 10/30/08. I better have me some black countertops by then or there will be some major freaking out!



chacha said...

I feel your pain. I probably feel it more. At least you have countertops to speak of - imagine if you had ripped them out in anticipation of the new ones - that would really suck. Then you'd have a mostly useless kitchen.

And I think the countertop guy probably thinks you call the shots on house stuff - I feel like that is the norm - that the wife is in charge of that kind of stuff. I know I am.

You must have chosen a popular color!

BrookeB said...

hang in there! at least you don't have a plywood countertop like we lived with for a couple months! just imagine how awesome they will be!

Katie @ said...

We're living the same problem right now (and just started blogging!) in our new home in Germany. No fun waiting... and waiting! I cannot wait to see how it looks. Just found your blog, and I love it--


caroldes7 said...

crapola! hopefully they'll come in next week.

since other are commiserating, i have no idea when we'll have glass for our shower. for now we're using it and just splashing a bit!