Friday, October 3, 2008

I {Heart} Hardware

Every list that you can find and every HGTV show always says that one of the easiest updates you can do for your kitchen (or bathroom, dresser, etc) is change the hardware. We have found this to be oh so true. Even changing the hardware on our laundry chute door gave me a thrill that lasted for at least a day. I also really really love looking at hardware. All of those options!!

My favorite hardware change that we did was the drawer pulls/bin pulls in our kitchen:

I love the old school, cottage-style look of them. We got out bin pulls at Lowe's for about $5 each. Remodelista just featured a whole list of bin pulls from a variety of stores that also are great.

Anthropologie is another place for great hardware. Everytime I go there I go through all of the drawer pulls and think, "Where can I use these?" Unfortunately I haven't come up with a good spot YET, but you can view the collection here.

Our next hardware update is to change the light switch plates. Until I owned a home, I did not even KNOW that these came in other options besides the standard off white variety. Restoration Hardware has some great stainless looking metal varieties that I think would look great in our kitchen. Wouldn't you know it -Remodelista has a post on these as well!

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josh said...

Hi - thanks for the mention of Remodelista's post on bin pulls in your piece. We also have a similar round up of light switch covers at
10 Easy Pieces Switch Plate Covers.