Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flower Therapy

Check out these gorgeous blooms given to me by Nate's aunt as a hostess gift for having the fam over for dinner last Saturday.

I love the blue/purple ones...anyone know what they are? Given the influx of fresh flowers in my home (my marathon flowers are STILL going!), I am becoming a big believer in flower therapy. Not sure if that is a legit form of "therapy" but just looking at all of the prettiness in various rooms of the house really cheers me up. And since I have to survive even longer without my countertops, I'll take anything I can get!

Despite yesterday's outburst (and my complaining above), I actually am feeling better about the countertops. I am easily irritable this week as I am surviving on very little sleep since I agreed to substitute teach a SEVEN AM class at an area college. I am not good with changing the sleep schedule so I haven't been sleeping through the night and I am having to get up about an hour and a half earlier. I know I know..Woe is Me! My life is so hard (heavy sarcasm). These types of experiences just make me wonder how I will survive when we eventually decide to have children?! I hear you really don't get any sleep with those! :)


Amy Badler said...

Ah, you survive because at first you don't even notice that you aren't getting any sleep. You are just so excited to have this brand new baby...then you just adapt. I never knew I could function on so little sleepand believe me I LOVED to sleep.

Missy said...

7am is alittle ridic, I have to agree. But...what are you teaching? where? fill a sista in. Sounds interesting good for you.