Sunday, October 5, 2008

Five Alive

I finished my 5th marathon today. It was not an easy task.

The morning was beautiful, chilly but sunny. We got to the high school parking lot with plenty of time. I had my crunchy peanut Clif Bar and met some runners from Hartford (Nate-o's home town) whom we chit chatted with before the starting line up. The gun went off and so did I. I was able to see tons of spectators all along the course, starting with Nate at the start and Pam right at Mile 1. Doug (father in law), Denise (mother in law), Nate, Sneeds, Ryan, Mom, Amanda & Nick were spotted throughout mile 5 through 26.2 - they really were amazing!

And so was I...for the first 13.1. My first mile was 7:26...and so were the next 12! I knew I was going too fast and thought I was slowing down, but everytime I got to the mile marker, I wasn't going any slower. I was feeling really great so I tried not to worry about it too much. My half marathon time was less than a minute off my half-marathon PR (this is NOT good).

I started to pay the price at oh about mile 13.2. My lower back started to bother me and the second half was not so fun. I consistently told my cheerleaders that this was my last marathon. I was in a ton of pain. I told myself I could only walk/stretch out once per mile. I ended up finishing in 3:40:35 - still a Boston qualifier (by 25 seconds), but I was on pace to run 3:15 for the first half, so you can see how much I bombed!

The course was beautiful - some film crew was even there from TBS to get some footage to stick in before the MKE Brewer baseball playoff game! I was very impressed with the volunteers, how the event was organized and our awesome long-sleeve technical shirts. I don't think that any other marathon course allowed for so many spectator spots! All for a mere $55 entry fee! Here is a pic of me at mile 5 - when i was still looking good & smiling:

I think i am going to start focusing more on half marathons from now on, that is if my back starts feeling better!

Thanks for listening/reading my ramblings about training, etc on our "house blog"!


Kristina said...

Congrats! I think it's a pretty big accomplishment to run a 5k, so I'm impressed.

Missy said...

yeah for you! that's just awesome. I'm so impressed with your speed.

Old MD Girl said...

Congratulations on finishing #5!

caroldes7 said...

Yay Amy! You never fail to impress me! What a fantastic race pic, too!