Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Wrapup

What a lovely weekend. We golfed on Friday evening and followed it with burgers and beers at Walters' (which I love for its great bar food, but also b/c it's my maiden name). Saturday we started on random house projects and I started some new sewing projects that I am excited about, even though I had to make three trips to Jo-Ann Fabrics in the span of 24 hours. Luckily it is very nearby.

Nate fininshed up painting the ceiling around the new kitchen light fixture and installed the very last bin/drawer pull on our new trash cabinet. I already posted about the cornices and he fixed the curtains in the living room, which were previously hung too low.

We raised them up nearer to the ceiling and it is AMAZING how much of an effect it has in making the room seem taller. Those decorators know their stuff!

We also transplanted some hastas, deadheaded some plants, finished a book, ran, watched the debates, the new Amazing Race, the Sex & The City movie, JS finish a 5k and the Brewers win to enter them in the playoffs!!!!

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caroldes7 said...

Woo hoo- love Amy's sewing projects! drapes look great!!!