Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RIP Farmhouse Sink

Last night, I waved the white flag. I surrendered. I gave up the search for a farmhouse sink so that our kitchen could finally make some progress.

ALL summer I have been searching for a sink that would fit our existing cabinetry. Those of you that have followed the kitchen remodel thus far (a PAINFUL five months) know that we decided to paint our existing cabintry as it was in good condition and to save money since we also need to do a huge bathroom makeover (and I work in public health). I love how our cabinets turned out, but this decision did NOT favor getting a farmhouse/apron sink as not one sink that I googled, searched for, came across would fit without some major work.

The countertop company has been patiently awaiting the purchase of the sink and last night, I found the #2 sink on my list - the single basin, 18 gauge stainless steel, flush undermount sink. (BK, I have to admit seeing your sink did help me make this decision!)

Here are some pictures of the type of sink we will soon have!

I am excited that progress will now be made!


Ali said...

That is a wonderful second option. Undermount is the way to go if you cannot get your coveted farm house sink. And I think the whole kitchen is just coming together so nicely!

Missy said...

that just gives you something to shoot don't want to get exactly what you've always wanted during your first go-round, ya know? (at least when it comes to sinks :) This is your first house - and it won't be the last - so you can always get it next time. Looks great!

caroldes7 said...

love the choice!

BrookeB said...

Love the choice also! You will not regret it when you can sweep all of your crumbs into it! hehe. Oh well, the farmhouse will have to wait until you have your next kitchen remodel!