Friday, September 19, 2008

Minneapolis Recap

Our posts were getting fewer and farther between because we just got back from Minneapolis! Nate had to go for work and I needed a break from work so I tagged along. I had never been to Minneapolis, which seems crazy. We stayed right off Nicolett Mall, ate at some great restaurants including Dakota and Masa, listened to a gypsy jazz band at Dakota, had some great cocktails at The Local and of course, did some shopping. I wasn't too keen on going to the Mall of America, but I went to check it out. I liked the shopping on Nicollet Mall better because the weather was beautiful while we were there AND they were giving away samples of Mrs. Meyers products! ha ha ha

I also went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden at the Walker Arts Center and the Weisman Art Center on the University of Minnesota campus. I really thought the Hindsight is Always 20/20 exhibit was awesome. The artist took each of the state of the union addresses from all of the president and turned them into eye charts. The biggest word at the top represented the word most often cited in each speech. Surprise surprise but GWB's word was "Iraq". It was a great exhibit to see with the looming election!

We also had some luck at Ikea! We got new curtains for our living room and two new light fixtures for the kitchen. Hopefully we can get them installed this weekend and have some pictures up. It's about time we returned to the house makeover portion of this blog!

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