Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today brought two changes to our home: Lighting & Curtains.

I have wanted to change the curtains in our living room for awhile for two reasons:
1) The maroon ones were slightly too short
2) They also made the room very dark.

And let's face it...they were sort of boring.

While shopping at Ikea Twin Cities, we found the Andrea curtains and liked them a lot. I am not very good at envisioning how things will look in our house until we actually bring them home and test them, so we bought them figuring we could always return them.

It turns out they look great!

Here are the old ones (The picture is not so great):

And the new:

It already looks lighter & brighter in there! I am going to have to modify the curtain for the smaller window by cutting it in half, as one curtain was big enough to cover the whole window. It is definitely very green in there now, but we are planning on getting new furniture for this room soon and moving the green stuff to the ManCave to replace the futon and folding chairs.

Woohoo for the Andrea curtains!

The second thing that was done was replacing the light fixture above the kitchen sink. We got the Kvintett pendant lamp for only $7 during the same Ikea trip!

TWO HOURS and one trip to Lowe's LATER...the $7 was not seeming like such a great deal. We had to modify the electric box, a few choice words were uttered by Nate and rig up a hooking system b/c the pendant was too long, but I must say, it looks fantastic! My sweaty husband did a great job!
This is not the original light fixture that came with the house, but one we temporarily installed. It did not fit into the space very well.

And the new pendant lamp:

We have one more light fixture to put up in the kitchen, but that is going to be for another day.

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