Sunday, September 28, 2008

DIY Cornices

Remember these bad boys:

Nate refashioned those old shelves into some cornices for our office windows, which previously were pretty barren:

Cornices are very easy to make...thanks to this cheesy $2 "you can do it windows" book I got at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

First you cut a board the width of the windo frame plus 6". Cut side pieces 3" long for windows with blinds and 6" long for curtained windows. Screw the boards together until you make a step:

Then go shopping for fabric and batting. You will need to measure the outer sides and front of the assembled cornice from end to end for length and measure the height of the cornice and add 5" for the width.

LENGTH: End to end of the cornice
WIDTH: Height of the cornice plus 5"

Lay out the batting and put the cornice on top of it:

Use an upholestry staple gun to pull the batting taut and staple to the back.

Repeat the steps for the fabric:

To hang the finished cornice, attach 2" L brackets to the wall above the drapery rods.



chacha said...

They look great! and it was an environmentally-friendly thing too since you re-used the old shelves :o)

caroldes7 said...

totally impressed! love the fabric choice!

Missy said...

LOVE the fabric. Super creative - good call using the shelves, how the heck did you think of that? So resourceful!

BCK said...

huh, how did I miss these when I was at your place last week? They look great!