Thursday, September 4, 2008

Button Collection to Wall Decoration

We spent part of last weekend at my in-laws going through some of the things in their basement, including some of Nate's old toys. One of the things we found was his button collection. It was fun to listen to some of the stories about where he got the buttons/pins and I was happy to find out that I wasn't the only kid who collected things!

We also found this homemade shadow box that was a high school graduation present from a neighbor. I thought that arranging some of the buttons in the shadow box would be a cool, personal wall decoration for our house.

I got to work and voila: we have a wall decoration.

Now we have to find a place to hang it!


caroldes7 said...

That's cute. I'm such a dork... I was thinking Nate collected buttons, like from a sweater! Until I scrolled down to see the pic.

Missy said...

that's EXACTLY what I thought :) Very cute. Amy, I'm constantly amazed at what you seem to accomplish in a day.