Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yellow Pages Goes Green

We just got new phone books delivered to our house this week. Everytime this happens, I think what a waste because who really uses a phonebook anymore?

Apparently other people had the same thought. You can register to opt out of receiving the yellow pages, white pages, or both here. Hopefully it works!

Sometimes those Daily Candy emails are actually worth something!


Ethan@OneProjectCloser said...

thanks for the tip. i never use those books and they end up going straight to the recycle bin.

kenc said...

The books were referenced over 13 BILLION times last year.

You're suggesting that in an effort to maintain/improve that gorgeous house you've never needed a contractor, plumber, specialty parts provider, government agency, etc etc etc, all of which are in those free books you get????

Amy said...

Kenc- I apologize if my comments upset you, but in all honesty, we find most of our things utilizing personal reccomendations or the internet so no, we have never used the books. However, if some people prefer the books, that's great - then they shouldn't use the website in my post.

chacha said...

I have also rarely used the book. Maybe once for looking up vet hours since some of them don't have websites but pay the fee for the ad in the book. Otherwise, it's been fairly useless - it was much more relevant before the internet came along.

I think it's good to let people opt out. It always aggravates me when I see that book on my doorstep that I know I'll never use, required energy and trees to create, and takes up space in my house. Business owners can easily get advertising through online sources which is way more "green" and less wasteful.

Thanks for putting the link up! I just opted out. :o)

Hooked on Houses said...

Thanks for the tip!

I'm definitely opting out now that I know I can. They go straight into the recycling bin for me anyway. And we get 3 a year, at least! Who needs all those? -Julia