Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well, I am really starting to stink at blogging, as almost a week has gone by with no post. Here are some updates:

1: We are having the cabinets removed tomorrow night!!!! I really think this will be a dramatic change and cannot wait!!

2: Pianos are heavy. We were going to attempt to move a piano from my in laws house to our house tonight. Good thing Nate's dad gently suggested a piano mover. :)

3: We still have not caught the rodent in the yard. However, it did eat all of the peanut butter off of Nate's homemade trap and still survived. I had to laugh at that - the bottle was licked CLEAN.

4: Our wedding season has officially ended. Congrats to BK & JK, who are in the midst of their own kitchen makeover.

That is about it - tonight I am going to Diva Night with my mom & aunt in the village. Hopefully we can find some sweet home goods!

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