Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sink or Swim

Tonight we went shopping for the kitchen sink. We got some measurements from a few farmhouse style/apron front sinks and it looks like it may be a possibility!!! If one year ago you had told me that I would get this excited over a kitchen sink, I would have laughed in your face. Despite the priciness of one of these things, I thing Nate is on board. If only I could get as lucky as this woman and find one for $150 on craigslist!

Another thing that had us laughing, sick and twisted as we are, is that we finally killed one of the chipmunks that has been terrorizing our yard. Last night, I gave up trying to be nice to the monsters and told Nate to buy the most intense poison he could. Nate modified his chipmunk torture device so that he filled a huge bucket up with water and poured sunflower seeds in so that to a chipmunk, it would look like Scrooge McDuck taking a swim in his golden coins, err..sunflower seeds. He set the trap up right after getting home from work and no less than 5 minutes passed and there were little wet footprints on the deck. The chipmunk had escaped the trap yet again! I wondered if this chipmunk had indeed taken swimming lessons?!

We poured out a little of the water, went to dinner and sure enough there was a (dead) chipmunk when we came back! I guess it was "sink" for him!
Photos: kohler.com, countryliving.com, cottageliving.com

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chacha said...

It was truly a find - now I'm just waiting for a oil-rubbed faucet to surface, but I think that may be a shot in hell on that one.

The cheapest one out there is IKEA. But I saw some for like $500 online, which is still expensive :(

The white cabinets look great, by the way :o)