Friday, August 8, 2008


Here is a view of the dining room FROM OUR KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I couldn't help myself there...I'm still really excited that those cabinets are down.

Last night Nate reapplied the molding at the top of the new cabinets while I attempted to replace vent covers. As we improve things in the room, the rusty vent covers stand out more and more, and we always forget to measure them before we go to Lowes. Check out the rust factor on these - gross!

SO, last night we decided enough was enough. I mistakenly thought that this would be an easy upgrade. WRONG. The previous ownders had put enough nails in those rust buckets that they were almost impossible to remove. Never fear - Nate and his trusty crowbar got the job done.
Here is our new bathroom one:

And the new dining room cover:

We have seven more of these babies to go!

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