Monday, August 25, 2008

On the Road...Past, Present & Future

I have been saying that the Olympics have boosted my own athletic performance over the past few weeks. I have had some great workouts and long runs over the past few weeks! So it just figures that as the Olympics are wrapping up, I had a not so great 18 miler on Saturday. First it was very humid - humidity and I have never been the best of friends. Then, around mile 5 I could feel the beginnings of some major sports bra chafing begin. I have never actually felt this start to occur - only have been surprised to find burns at the end of runs. Well, let me tell you, it is excruiating to notice and feel your skin rubbing off with every step you take.

At around mile 10, the guys I was running with mentioned that Germany girl and I were excellent pacers. That made me smile and got me through about the next 3 miles, even though it had started to rain which only intensified the chaffing pain. We had one last water/gel/powerade station which is where I broke down. Lost my excellent group and took a short cut to the finish. Making my long run of 18 only 16miles. UGH. At least it happened on a training run and not the actual marathon.

So now I am left with two ugly burns right below my collarbone. My inlaws asked if they were hickeys! This would be funnier to you if you knew my inlaws!

At present, I just received an email from the marathon committee mentioning details of the race, etc which made me excited again. A little less than 6 weeks and it will be over!

Since some of you asked, I will provide a few more details on our future road trip vacation. We will be traveling from WI through MO to Dallas, TX. MO is our stopping point for the evening so we won't be doing much sightseeing besides what we can see from our car. We'll spend some time in Dallas, move to Austin, TX then San Antonio before heading to New Orleans. From New Orleans, we are going to Destin, FL and then to Atlanta, GA to spend a weekend with our friends and meet Baby Mee-layz.

Phew! It sounds exciting and tiring all at the same time!

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maura said...

Sweet map! I can't wait to hear more about the trip. It's always fun to have some ideas for stops for the next time I drive across the country.

Sorry about the chafing. Seriously...I Body Glide everything now. I don't want to be miserable because of wardrobe issues. Too much info? Anyway, for every bad run I have, I just think to myself "Regression to the Mean." Yeah, I'm a nerdy math teacher, but it's true. At some point, I'll have a really great one and then a few average runs, but they won't all be bad.