Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gary is our hero!

Even though I reminded everyone in the blogosphere to tune into Project Runway last night, I missed it because HUGE things were happening in our kitchen. Remember these cupboards, which made it impossible to be in the kitchen and talk to anyone that was not standing right next to me?

Well..TADA! They no longer exist! Our 5-door cabinet is now a two-door cabinet!

Here is the old view from the living room area:

And the new one.I think this is my favorite house project so far - I was pumped!

Thanks to my my 2nd cousin-in-law, Gary, (aka cabinet maker extraordinaire) who did most of the removal. He also is custom making us a cabinet to go on the other side of our stove that will be a garbage drawer so you don't have to look at our gross garbage. YAY! It is unbelievable how much of a difference 45 minutes worth of work makes - our kitchen get so much more light, and looks so much bigger!
Now we have 2 more cabinets to paint and some drywall to fix & paint!


Anonymous said...

We dado-ed it right off!

caroldes7 said...

Sweet!!! What a difference!

maura said...

Looks absolutely awesome! You are ready to have some kind of buffet on that counter. Enjoy the view.