Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Find your home's "walk score"

Enter your address into this website and it will map out the mileage to the nearest grocery stores, bars, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. The grocery store is a lot closer to us than I would have thought, but we still only score a 37 out of 100 making us 'car-dependent'.


Ethan said...

ugh! 14 out of 100. not very good walk score

BrookeB said...

25 out of 100....we are car dependent, which pretty much follows our lifestyle! oh well, we are lazy.

Chris & Erica said...

66! I love my 'hood. I walk to work every day! E

Silky Jess said...

This website is awesome. We are dependent, too. Although, my work got a really high score because they include the gas station store as a "grocery store".

Anonymous said...

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