Thursday, July 3, 2008

Support Habitat for Humanity with your Before/After Remodeling Photos!

While reading This Young House, I came across this contest being run by One Project Closer. If you email your before and after pictures of home improvements, they will select one project each week between June 22 and September 21. For each project selected on a weekly basis, One Project Closer will donate $25 to Habitat for Humanity!

At the end of the contest, one entrant will be chosen to receive a $50 gift card to the home improvement store of their choice.

If you have before/after pictures of your home improvements, I highly suggest entering the contest by emailing your remodeling story and pictures to (Click on the One Project Closer link above for more detailed info).

And...another cool thing, the June 28 winner was from right here in Milwaukee, WI!!

And of COURSE, I will let you know if we get chosen!!!


Ethan@OneProjectCloser said...

Thanks for supporting this project. We think it's really important. And it's nice to see that other people (like you) think so too. Thanks again!

Fred said...

Hi! Thanks so much for posting about our event! We're excited about the level of support we've gotten from around the houseblog & home improvement community, and the level of visibility this has created for Habitat. We're hopeful that next year we'll be able to increase the donations to $100 or more per week, and raise the home improvement gift card reward higher too.

With costs of just about everything on the rise, Habitat is in as much need as ever!

Thanks again, and good luck on winning the contest!

BrookeB said...

does milwaukee have the habitat resale stores? Such an awesome concept....they take donations of stuff from remodeling projects and resell it for money that goes towards Habitat! we donated our lovely old light fixture from our dining ugly and they had a whole collection of them there! our real estate agent told us about it because she caught a deal where anderson windows dropped off a truck load one time! you have to search for stuff there, but very cool idea!good luck with the contest!