Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Love/Hate Relationship with Animals in our Yard

The garden in between our house and garage is flourishing! We were excited to see the very many bumblebees pollinating the flowers, given the diminishing bee population. Apparently coneflowers, hastas, roses and bee balms are their thing.

On the flip side, apparently some sort of tunneling rodent also enjoys this garden as it is digging everywhere, threatening our plants (and the bees!). Is it a mole? a vole? a chimpmunk? We don't know, but one of Nate's coworkers told him about this "foolproof" method for killing them. (Animal lovers please do not read the remainder of this). My husband made this drowning contraption (from the directions of the aforementioned coworker) in an attempt to catch the Great Tunneling Rodent on Saturday. So far, we have noticed that some of the peanut butter has been eaten, but still no rodent. Yesterday we added some sunflower seeds to the peanut butter, but alas. He/She is still outwitting us. Oh well, just the sight of this thing makes me laugh. I wonder how long it will sit there before "we" (i.e. Nate) give up on this gig.

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