Monday, February 4, 2008

New Dishwasher sans Permit

The new dishwasher arrived safely and was installed by two very nice guys from RAS delivery...without a permit! The guy at Home Depot was not aware of any permits being necessary if you are replacing an existing dishwasher as long as all of the outlets for the electric and water were standard, which ours were. Permits are only necessary if a plumber is needed to install new hookups, i guess.

We ran a cycle last night while we slept (which would have been impossible with the Potscrubber due to noise) and the dishes literally came out spotless (another impossibility with the PS). So far, I give it a 10!

We did notice that it makes our cabinets and countertops look even more awful, so we are considering the kitchen remodel being done this summer.

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Ali said...

I think it compliments the banana on the counter well! :) I love it! You deserve the upgrade. From one you plug into the sink, to the Potscrubber, to this streamlined machine...your lives will never be the same.