Monday, February 18, 2008

New Chair...Sort of!

Nate & i had an amazing dinner at Roots Restaurant on Friday night, followed by a trip to Target to contine the search for some curtains for our mudroom/entryway. We did not have any luck with curtains, but did come away with a new toilet seat! Yes, folks, in addition to all of the other wonderful things Target has to offer, toilet seats are now included.

Our old toilet seat was beginning to break when we bought the place, but was never something we remembered to get at all of our trips to home improvement places over the last seven months of home ownership. It was a two person job and caused some sweat, but we got the old one off, did a thorough cleaning and installed the new wood seat with brushed nickle attachments.

Then we realized that it was 10:30 on a Friday night and we were in our pajamas, installing a toilet seat. What losers!

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Team Heintz (Eric) said...

Sadly, I think it sounds like a extremely productive, romantic day with your husband. Soon, Friday nights in pj's bonding over home improvement will be highly anticipated and welcomed. When brushed nickle attachments get your heart racing, you know its love. :) (note: this is not lil E, but Ali. The one frustrating thing of both having gmail accounts on the same computer)