Friday, February 8, 2008

The Double H: Houseguests and Holes

We (read: Nate) continues to fill holes in our wood floor with the wood putty. He also has done a great job spackling holes in the walls from all of the random things that the previous owners had, including enormous towel racks along the entire bathroom walls, huge curtain contraptions, and shoe racks. I thought that I would like the shoe racks, but they really were more of a pain. After spackling and painting, we have to get the texture spray and the walls will be good as new.

Along with continuing to patch holes in both floors & walls, we have had a few houseguests this week, including one all the way from Sweden! We always enjoy giving tours of the place, and it is even more fun giving the tours to people who saw our house at the very beginning in the kelly green carpet days. This weekend promises to be fun (and exhausting) as we are again watching my almost-two year old niece, Toni. Hopefully we get can some sledding in with the foot of snow we received on Wednesday!

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