Sunday, January 27, 2008

We love Whole Foods, But...

Our weekend started off with this brilliant idea of going to this wine & cheese "event" at Whole Foods on Friday night. Going to Whole Foods is a bit of a trek for us, given that the only WF in the area is in downtown Milwaukee. The "event" was advertised in the monthly flyer of classes and other events that the store makes available. We were looking forward to tasting a bunch of wine and unwinding after a particularly hectic week.

We were greeted by an employee serving two wines, as live guitar music played in the background. We tried the burgundy, chatted with the employee and went to find other wine stations. We went left. We went right. There were no more wine stations. And no cheese. What a bust! I guess that is what we get for attending a "free event". Ah well, WF, we still love you, just not your events.

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