Friday, November 2, 2007

Trick R Treat

Our first year of trick or treating in our neighborhood went pretty well. We were going to dress up to hand out candy, but Nate could not find his Fred Flintstone costume and my Wilma costume did not survive the party a few years ago. Thus, I donned some glow eyes and that was that.

The neighborhood we live in tried something new this year and registered all kids who were going to participate in the nighttime trick or treat on Halloween (Wednesday). Registered kids were asked to donate a bag of candy and then they got a glow necklace to wear while trick or treating. Houses that signed up to hand out candy (like us) in turn got some candy given to them and a sign to hang in their door.

Our 3 bags of candy and sign were delivered on Sunday and we were told to expect 75 kids. We also expected to get a couple of kids on Sunday given that that was the citywide day for trick or treating. Well, we were close to exhausting some candy on Sunday so what did we do? Bailed and ran errands. We actually got stopped on our way to our garage and asked, "oh, are you leaving - so no candy?" And this was by an ADULT.

Wednesday night came and we had candy for 150 - 2x the amount we were told. Trick or treating started at 6 PM. Our candy was done by 7:15 - and that was after we rummaged in our pantry to find some GHIRADELLI dark chocolate squares and some dove valentines candy to hold down the fort for a few more moments. So we again had to pretend we weren't home for 45 more minutes until it was over! I initally was annoyed at this given that many of the kids out weren't from our neighborhood, but then the next day I heard that in some neighborhoods, police had to escort trick or treaters due to pedophiles. Hmm...I guess I can afford to give a kid a bit size snickers so that he can trick or treat in a safe neighborhood.

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