Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday Escapade

Nate wants a new TV. I am inclined to want one also given that our tv is a little small and 12 years old. It would be a nice addition to our downstairs given that our tv down their has some sound issues. (But, hey, what can we expect from a tv that we took from the curb for free?!)

So we have been tv shopping for a while, hoping to get a good sale on the day after Thanksgiving. Nate had to work this morning so I agreed that I would be a good wife and set my alarm for 4:30 and get up to go get us a tv.

I got to Circuit City at 4:55 and saw a line. This I expected. What I did NOT expect was a line that went past the end of the strip mall building, along the edge of that building and to an empty, dark field behind it. So, I put my hood up, put my gloves on and ventured to the end of the line. After 40 minutes, and maybe moving 20 feet, I came to realize that I would not get in that store for another hour at least. When a woman behind me left her group in line to check out the situation, came back and said they are letting one person in for every person that comes out of the store, I knew that no tv was worth this. (My frozen face, hands, and toes my have contributed to my decision to leave the line.)

I got back home, crawled in my nice warm bed and went back to sleep. At 10:00, Nate calls, "Well Honey, do we have a tv?!" I recanted my story and he could not believe that I waited in line that long. He checked out the website and it said that both tvs that we were considering were still in stock so I ventured back to Circuit City to get them, this time with coffee. Good thing it's only 5 miles from our house!

I get back to circuit city and there STILL IS A LINE! It is much shorter this time, so I wait for about ten minutes, get in the store and both tvs were gone. Nate was disappointed because the website still claimed that the store I was at had one in stock.

Welll...Nate JUST called me from Best Buy and they had a better tv at a lower price. "Can I get it??!" So we ended up with a TV after all!!! Lesson learned: Next year, I'm sleeping in and then going to Best Buy at 4:00 PM.

Here is a picture of our newest addition (to be replaced with in room pictures soon):

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Ali said...

That was a great story (and I can only say that because you ended up with a TV!). Happy new TV!!