Wednesday, August 8, 2007


We have had some surprises over the past couple of days - some fun, some not so fun.

1. We started taking up the green carpeting downstairs in the hallway first and discovered that the wood floors in the hallway are not in as nice condition as the back two bedrooms so probably will need to refinish those at some point.

2. Then when we got to the dining room, we discovered that the floor underneath the carpet here was not the hardwood that we had in the rest of the house but some REALLY old linoleum. Thankfully, the living room and two upper bedrooms still have the hardwood. Bring in the flooring contingency plan!

3. We had a painting elf (aka Doug) visit us Sunday who finished up all of our ceiling trim! Painting is done! (well, until we decide to bring out the brushes for the bathroom)

4. We had our first furniture purchase! Nate's grandmother bought us a dining room set for a wedding present. She wanted us to get it early so that we would have it when we moved in. Here is a picture from a website.

5. No more window treatments! Nate's grandmother also took them to Goodwill for us!

We have major flooring goals for tomorrow night so hopefully some updated pictures soon!

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