Thursday, October 11, 2007

Necessary Objects

Through our project, we have made many a trip to our neighborhood Home Depot as everyone who has owned a home warned us about. Luckily, our HD is only 2.8 miles away (my car could probably get there on autopilot). Here is a list of things that we recommend any new home owner to have:

1. TOOLS! Pliers (needlenose and regular) screwdriver (phillips & regular), an electric drill with bits, an alan wrench, a crowbar, hammer(s), and a box cutter are ESSENTIAL. Knowing how to use them will come with time, experience, and a few broken nails :)

[Tip - ask your father for these for Christmas the year BEFORE you intend on buying! ha ha ha]

2. PAINTING SPECIFIC TOOLS! Good brushes are a must (or so I'm told) along with working rollers, trays and the handy trimmer bucket. Painting tape (1-1/2") is also very helpful but ignore the 14 day guarantee b/c after 1 day, we had trouble removing the tape. (Don't worry, I've already written a letter to Scotch to complain).

[Tip - the handle of a broomstick fits any paint roller and is handy for hard to reach places like the ceiling]

3. Which leads me to my next item...BROOM! There will be dust and not everyone will leave you an antique dustpan when you move into their house!

4. RADIO! You may have to negotiate radio stations with anyone who helps you, but it's a small price to pay.

The Ultimate Guide to Home Improvement by Creative Homeowner Press has been helpful

6. If you have hardwood - MURPHY'S OIL SOAP

7. GOO GONE - Takes paint off wood trim easily. HOWEVER, this also melts the plastic in cheap poster frames, right Nate?!


9. Rake, Shovel and Lawnmower for Yard related items.

10. An electrician available for consult - We almost got zapped replacing the ceiling fan in our bedroom.

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