Wednesday, August 22, 2007

GI Joe vs. Roller Girl

We started on our dining room floor last night. The most aggravating component of the floor re-do was going to home depot where last night's crop of employees could NOT get it together in terms of knowing where things were! After we finally got our luaun, nails, tiles and chalk line, we were in business. Nate was in charge of cutting the luaun and i was a human nail gun. A couple hours later, we had our subfloor done!

Next came the tiles. We were pretty tired after doing the subfloor but wanted to put some of the tiles down to see how they would look. "It's a good think I had GI Joe's as a kid - putting those decals on really helped me practice for this flooring project", commented Nate.

I got the fun job of rolling over the tiles with a rolling pin to ensure the adhesive stuck, hence earning the nickname Rollergirl, who if any of you have seen Boogie Nights...

We will be finishing the tile tonight!

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