Friday, July 13, 2007

Check it off the list!

After 1 week of homeownership, Nate & I have successfully trimmed and painted all of the ceilings in our entire house. The ugly old carpeting has served a great purpose in this endeavor in that I am not the neat-est painter. We have also found a use for the 2 tables the former owners left behind - one to hold our paint tray and one to stand on and paint. We're nothing if not resourceful!

The other big accomplishment is that our lawn got mowed. I was very excited to mow the lawn given that we have the coolest lawn mower ever - the "green machine" lawn boy and I wanted to experience push mowing the lawn. Well, let's say that the lawn did get mowed, but my arms and back still hurt! It is my goal to be able to start the thing by myself without Nate's help.

Lawn mowing also provided the opportunity to meet 3 of our neighbors!! We have already gotten invited to our first neighborhood party - the 1st brithday of Reese, our neighbor right behind us. And the fact that they have a cute golden retriever named Jack isn't hurting either :)

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