Monday, July 30, 2007

Busy Bees

Nate was worried that people weren't getting much action lately on the blog so I am here to attest to the fact that we have been working hard (or is it hardly working...!) We are getting SO close to finishing the painting. There have not been a lot of new pictures because the carpet in the downstairs hallway, living room, dining room, steps, and upstairs hallway is all the same piece of carpet. We are waiting until the paint and trim are done with all of those rooms before we remove the carpet since it makes such a nice drop cloth. :) We have had some great assistance with the painting from Nate's dad (aka "The Gift) and my mom, two people who love painting, who also conveniently provide dinner when they arrive!

The pictures above were from yesterday when we started painting over the upstairs bedroom #3 which was painted robin's egg blue (Nate affectionately refers to the color as "Nussie Blue" after the previous owners). The new blue is hopefully a bit more muted and will coordinate with our marroon hallway. We actually were lucky to have all the gross carpet in the previous rooms as this room did not have carpet so we spent some time wiping up paint off the floor.

We also started looking at some furniture stores and appliances, which has been a nice break from paint. No purchases yet, but getting a better handle on what we want and do not want.

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