Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving On

We have gotten to the point in the move where we are eating off of paper plates and drinking out of red solo cups. We have started getting silly (er...continued being silly?!).

Amy: "UGH. Packing up kitchens is neverending. You think you are almost done and the bam. You discover a whole drawer of knives."

Nate: "Kitchens are like lentil soup in that way."

It was a much needed laugh. Backstory: When we were living in Atlanta, I made a whole pot of lentil soup. And every day, we swore it just kept multiplying. We were eating lentil soup FOREVER. To this day, when I say "lentil", Nate gives me a scared look.

So the end is upon us. Tonight is our last night sleeping in our house. The movers arrive tomorrow.

I was just paging through the 2007 posts. Hilarious. I can't even remember our house looking like that.

I am not going to lie - I have already shed a few tears over leaving this house. It is SUCH a great house and I loved every minute of living here. Onto the next chapter!

Speaking of the next chapter....

I have decided to continue blogging BUT I have started a new blog. I felt that since this blog was named (and started) to chronicle the adventures of fixing up our cape cod, that the blog should end with the move. I also wanted a fresh start since this blog sort of morphed into a chronicle of randomness that is not accurately reflected by the title. Also, our new house is a colonial so the name of this blog REALLY doesn't apply :)

Please MOVE with me to my new blog, Anthologie. The content that you are used to here on Cape Cod Makeover will be very much the same, but presented in a more organized fashion. It will also help (I think) strike a balances of posts about the personal side of my life (family updates, etc) as well as other things that I enjoy blogging about/am interested in.

Thanks for tuning in to Cape Cod Makeover for the past 4 years, 2 months and 3 weeks. See you over at Anthologie!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Yesterday, Maggie was ALL about walking...with assistance. Where previously she would just turn into a jellyfish if you tried to walk with her hands in your hands, she loved it yesterday. A few giggles even escaped while she was walking with either one of us. So I brought out the Radio Flyer push wagon and we spent all afternoon redirecting the wagon and she ran into boxes. We both predicted she would be walking in the new house.

Then, today I came home from work and she walked about 6 steps, unassisted, from my sister to me!!! She was giggling the whole time. She did it a few more times and then we waited for Nate to come home. Unfortunately, she was crabby and hungry by the time he got home so she turned into a jellyfish again. He has yet to see the unassisted steps.

Now the fun REALLY begins...so I'm told.

Fall TV: Sucked Right In

The current book I am reading has been taking me forever and not from lack of interest. I was wondering why I haven't finished it yet and I think it is because I have watched SO MUCH TV in the past week. I don't recall the whole Fall TV thing being such an issue in years past. Maybe this is another packing avoidant behavior? I feel like TV may finally be ramping up the sitcoms and dramas (my preference) rather than focusing on reality tv - am I making this up?? Anyways, these are the shows we tuned into:

Up All Night: Ah, yes. The show about becoming new parents. We thought the previews to this show looked hilarious, however, the show has only been ok. I think I am sticking with it for now, if only because the baby is named Amy. (ha ha ha)

Modern Family: Ok. Duh. This show won a ton of Emmys for a reason. It's hilarious. There is no way we were missing this one!

The New Girl: Zooey Deschanel's Emmy Dress aside, I like her and so I wanted to tune into this show. The first episode was cute and we'll probably come back.

Two and a Half Men: This is a show that we are always watching in syndication. Back when we had DVR, we DVRed it only to find that it is ALWAYS on some channel. Then there was that whole Charlie Sheen debacle. We tuned in only to see how they were going to replace Charlie with Ashton Kutcher. I don't know that we will religiously follow this one.

The Office: {tear} RIP Michael Scott. Part of me did not even want to watch this because Michael, in my opinion, made this show. However, curiousity killed the cat and so we tuned in. And then James Spader joined the cast. (My love for James Spader started with Pretty in Pink.) I was surprised at how much I still laughed - I mean, Dwight IS still there!

Whitney: This show benefitted from being on right after The Office. We thought it was funny enough that if we watch The Office, we will probably stick with it and watch this too.

Prime Suspect: This show benefitted from being on right after Whitney. (YES! NBC sucked us in for two whole hours last Thursday night!). I was still on a Maria Bello high after seeing her at The Emmys and I really liked this show. (Nate was a little annoyed at the hat that Maria Bello's character kept wearing.) This is a show that I will probably try not to miss (as oppossed to catching it if it's on).

The Good Wife: My new favorite show. A few weeks ago, Nate was at a Brewers game and there was nothing on TV so I tuned in to the On Demand shows and watched probably 4 episodes of this. And then I just kept watching them and tuned into the season premiere last night. I love this show and it probably will be the second show that I won't want to miss weekly!

The Amazing Race: Nate and I have been watching this show since the beginning - of our relationship that is. This and So You Think You Can Dance are the only reality tv show that I like. While sometimes it does get boring to me, I feel like it would be blasphemous not to watch it.

2 Broke Girls: I think this show was on and we were bored. I sort of forgot that we watched it until I was at the CBS website trying to find links for this post. I am now ashamed at how long this list is!

In other news, we are almost fully packed. I cannot even tell you how many times I have stubbed a toe on boxes. Nate actually forced me to sit down last night for fear he was going to have to take me to the emergency room. The movers are coming in 48 hours!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Official 4th Anniversary Celebration

Last night we celebrated our anniversary with a night out on the town. Maggie was on an overnight trip with Grandma & Grandpa (Nate's parents) and we had a hotel downtown Milwaukee for the night. Last May, we bought the Groupon for Aloft, which is basically a junior varsity W hotel. It was a great location - walking distance to lots of places and the room was very modern. Like the W, you get Bliss products. However, because the hotel is in an area with a lot of ongoing construction, it was pretty loud. Nate and I gave it 3-3.5 stars (out of 5).

After checking into the hotel, we headed to get a snack at AJ Bombers. AJ Bombers' Milwaukee Burger supposedly beat Sobelman's on Food Network's Food Wars. We split the burger and enjoyed some of Milwaukee's finest: I had a Schlitz tall boy and Nate had a PBR. The burger was good. We both thought Sobelman's was still better.

We got all gussied up (or at least I did) and made our way to Sanford. It was a nice night so we walked to the restaurant and on the way saw a fox! Crazy. We also discovered that we are a bit on trend with our anniversary celebrations - We celebrated our 1st and 3rd anniversary at Delafield Hotel (where our reception was) and our 2nd and 4th at Sanford. My recap of our first trip to Sanford is here if you want to read it. Our second trip was a bit more disappointing. The food was outsanding and kicked off with the amuse bouche- kolarabi puree with sliced grapes. Then, we ordered the cheese plate (of course). The cheese plate had some almond crisps on it and Nate mentioned to the waitress that I was allergic to almonds. We did not think this was a big deal, but she sort of flipped out and seemed irritated that we did not tell her this right away. I had the elk and Nate had the tenderloin. Last time, both of us were too chicken to get the elk, and I sort of regretted it so I went with it this time. It was amazing. We were VERY excited for the end of the meal because we remembered the yummy plate of cookies that we got last time. WELL, Nate got the cookies but I did not - the waitress said she was not allowed to serve me the cookies because of nut cross-contamination. I said I had no problem with that and that I was fine getting the cookies and she would not give me the cookies. Instead, I had two raspberries with brandy sauce. They were fine but they were not the cookies. Overall (excluding the cookie incident) we were not happy with our service this time. It sort of killed the meal for us.

After Sanford, we went to Blu, where my sister is a cocktail waitress and reserved us a corner table with a view. She was cute - she even brought us chocolate covered strawberries, which Nate enjoyed because I am allergic. After enjoying a cocktail, and watching the Brewers win the pennant on TV, we realized we were exhausted. It was 10:15! Mom & Dad gone wild! ha ha ha

We walked around the corner to get a cab back to the hotel when the Hotel Metro valet said he would take us in the cool old-school Hotel Metro car! We were so excited!

It was nice to sleep in this morning and lay around watching TV for a few hours. We checked out and headed to Sil's for the hot donuts. Why we have never been to Sil's before is beyond me. AMAZING donuts. AMAZING. We actually ordered a second bag because our first bag was inhaled so fast.

Overall, a great getaway, especially nice to have a break from packing. We both were really excited to pick up Mags too :) We thought it was also fun to have a Milwaukee staycation right before we head to the 'burbs.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Week's Worth of Emmy Fashion!

In case you missed it, you can check out our week's worth of Emmy recaps over on Owlet. It was fun co-posting this week - I am glad my friend, M, had the idea! We still have to figure out how we can get paid to watch red carpets and get paid to write about them!

Emmy Recap #1: Best/Worst

Emmy Recap #2: Boobs!

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Emmy 2001 Recap 4: Back to Black

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Emmy 2011 Recap 6: Surprises and Honorable Mentions

You can now spend that $3.95 that you would have spent on US Weekly on something else. You're welcome! (ha ha ha)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Eating Up Food

With a week to go, our food situation is getting to be...dire. I mentioned that I created a list of all possible recipes/food that we could make/eat so that we would use up as much food as possible in our fridge, freezer and pantry. This has led to a "culinary trip around the world", as I like to announce at the dinner table every night.

Two nights ago, I had planned on making Vietnamese Noodles. I had not ever made these before but they were going to use up carrots, rice noodles, fish sauce and peanuts. Bonus that Maggie went with Nate to work that day so I could just concentrate on having dinner ready by the time they got home and not make dinner with a child on my hip.

While making the sauce for the noodles, I realized it smelled...fishy. I have only ever made something with fish sauce one time before and I didn't recall this occurring. Oh well. Proceed.

The smell was so potent that I could not even think of eating these noodles. I checked the bottle. The fish sauce was expired. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Why I didn't check this before the dish was made, I do not know.

So...consulting the master list, I decided to go with the "polenta bake". We had about a 1/4 bag of polenta left and on the bag it had a "easy recipe" to combine the polenta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese and bake it. Well, quickly reading that, I dumped the uncooked polenta into a casserole dish, poured on the tomato sauce and then sprinkled the cheese. Phew! Dinner was going to be saved.

Nate and Mags arrived home and I said, "We are having quite a international dinner tonight! BUT...you may not want to eat half of it." I asked him to try the noodles. He thought they were good but had a "fishy aftertaste". Puke. I tried eating them. I did. But the "fishy aftertaste" was too much for me.

Back to the polenta. After about 20 minutes in the oven, I thought the polenta was probably done. I pulled it out of the oven and literally it was still dry polenta. with tomato sauce. We consulted the polenta bag again and decided that they probably meant to put COOKED polenta in the dish. So we just added water to the mess and put it back in the oven. It ended up being ok.

I had to laugh when Nate told Maggie, "Mags: Mom is usually a good cook. I am not sure what happened tonight but don't worry."

I redeemed myself last night when we made Jess's Couscous Salad (and used up dates! more carrots! couscous! pinenuts! a can of chickpeas!) with Falafel wraps (using tortillas instead of pitas and Trader Joe's frozen falafels).

Tonight - it's Pasta Potpourri!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

One week to go!

This week has been such a whirlwind. But we keep checking things off the list!

1) Basement: Packed! This was by far the biggest pit of the house. It is now cleaned out and packed up! The last Craigslist pick up was earlier this week.

2) Closings: Scheduled! We close on our current house at 9 AM one week from tomorrow and close on the new house at 11 AM the same day. The movers come one week from today and are scheduled to deliver the goods at 1 PM one week from tomorrow!

3) Refrigerator: Purchased! Our new kitchen has a custom cabinet for the refrigerator, but no refrigerator! the larger refrigerator. We bought a Maytag Monochromatic Stainless Steel:

It is getting delivered one week from tomorrow! We are gaining five cubic feet of refrigerator space!

4) One year photos: Taken! Originally these were scheduled for two weeks ago, but our photographer was ill. We wanted to get this taken care of before the move so we did it this evening. I am SO EXCITED to get the photos back - there were some great shots and Mags was much more cooperative than she was during her newborn photos with the same photographer.

5) Bills and Mail: FORWARDED! The cable and internet guy is scheduled to come next week to transfer service, the mail is forwarded, and gas/electric transferred!

6) Radon: Mitigated! They came today to install the system. We now are beginning another testing period. If we pass this test (aka our radon is below 4), we are good to go!

7) Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Purchased! Besides the radon, we were asked to install CO monitors on every floor of our house. Check!

8) # of Goodwill Drop Offs so far: 2. (We also had 2 Craigslist pickups).

One Week left!